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DC is being all gritty and “realistic” and Marvel just had a movie where the galaxy is saved by a dance-off and the power of friendship

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"… an Asian kid with strong arms and short black hair, who looked a little older than Thomas. The Runner stopped three steps in, then bent over and put his hands on his knees, gasping for breath. He looked like he’d just run twenty miles, face red, skin covered in sweat, cloathes soaked."

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The Maze Runner - Official Trailer #2

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it’s disturbing how often men forcing themselves on women is portrayed as normal and unremarkable in movies and television

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Coolest moments of the Tenth Doctor: (2/10)

whenever i’m sad I like to envision Matt Smith trying to do this and then I laugh to myself.

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[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]

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Sansa Appreciation Week: Day Four- Favourite relationship

Sansa + ladies

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tyler hoechlin at eyecon 6/2014

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J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Ch. 8, p. 100

#Can we just pause for a moment and appreciate how sweet this is? #I mean, it’s something that probably many of us can relate to. #And in the context of the story, with all the great things Harry and Ron are going to do, it’s just so cute that getting down to breakfast was a big accomplishment way back when.

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"Friday was an important day for Harry and Ron. They finally managed to find their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast without getting lost once."


one time I had this dream that I logged on to amazon and my account had like negative four trillion dollars because i accidentally bought the city of Paris

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